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StreetCheck displays organization-submitted information on remnant drug samples collected for the purpose of community drug checking.  StreetCheck necessarily relies on organization-submitted information; data should be interpreted accordingly.  All submissions to StreetCheck are anonymous (no oral or written identification of name/identity required). The identity of community organizations involved in StreetCheck is confidential but organizations may opt to identify themselves. All sample and data trends are reported at the city/town and state levels.  No private information is collected, stored, or displayed to protect confidentiality.  Data entered into StreetCheck may derive from state or federally funded programs  but StreetCheck is not affiliated with any government or law enforcement agency.

The following disclaimer applies to every sample submitted  to StreetCheck:

I acknowledge and understand that:

  • Drug checking does not provide a guarantee of safety.

  • Drug checking does not provide evidence of purity or dose.

  • People respond differently to drugs and drug checking does not provide personalized information about how I or anyone else will respond.

  • The information I receive is not an endorsement of a drug or of how a drug is used, and is provided for the purpose of reducing harm.

Quantitative Results Disclaimer:

  • The percent by weight results represent the percent components in the sample.

  • This results does not indicate purity, potency, or safety associated with this sample. 

  • The percentage provided can vary by 10% of the given percentage. For example, a sample reported to have 5% fentanyl has a probable range of 0.5 (4.5% - 5.5%). Similarly, a sample reported to have 40% xylazine has a probable range of 4.0 (36% - 44%).

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