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Xylazine Resources

Below are a variety of resources related to xylazine, a veterinary sedative that has been found in a variety of dope samples across Massachusetts and other parts of the Northeast. We first created resources about xylazine in March 2021 and have updated our communications in July 2022.  Alerts are meant to inform community members, especially people who use drugs, providers, and community organizations that work with people who use drugs. Street Narcotics Updates communicate about substances found in the drug supply that are new, changing, or unusual and deemed of public health importance. These documents communicate about changes to the drug supply that are relevant to public health and public safety. These documents are designed to inform members of the public safety community.


Archived information posted about xylazine.

Xylazine and Phenacetin Public Health Bulletin (2021)

Two Active Cuts: Xylazine and Phenacetin (March 2021) 

Dos Cortes Activos: Xilacina y Fenacetina (marzo 2021) 

Dois Tipos: Xilazina em Fenacetina (março 2021) 

Xylazine and Phenacetin Street Narcotics Update (2021)

Xylazine and Phenacetin (March 2021) 

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