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CDC Stimulant Guide


The guide intends to assist people who interact with people who use stimulants or are interested in understanding issues related to stimulants in their community. This guide answers the common question about stimulants, stimulant use, stimulant overdose, and stimulant overdose prevention developed by harm reduction experts. The answers provided in this guide are to convey essential information to a variety of audiences. The guide does not contain medical advice; it is purely information and should not be referred to in case of emergency.


To access the guide, click HERE.

StreetCheck App

Community Drug Checking logo copy.png

StreetCheck is an innovative community-partnered project at Brandeis University’s Opioid Policy Research Collaborative (OPRC) to develop and standardize sample collection and reporting for community drug checking programs.  The vision of StreetCheck streamlines community illicit drug sample collection through the use of a mobile based application, speeds analysis of the samples, and makes it easier to communicate results back. Download the app, watch a demo, or get more information. 

StreetCheck is available at no cost and can integrate results from any lab performing off-site testing.  If you are doing research about drug checking, StreetCheck has additional data collection options to protect privacy and confidentiality, and approved protocols useful for researchers. Contact us to learn more.       

Publications, Reports and Other Resources


  • TC Green, R Olson, C Jarczyk, e Erowid, F Erowid, S Thyssen, R Wightman, B del Pozo, L Michelson, A Consigli, B Reilly, S Ruiz. Implementation and Uptake of the Massachusetts Drug Supply Data Stream: A Statewide Public Health-Public Safety Partnership Drug Checking Program. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (2022) Nov-Dec 01;28(Suppl 6):S347-S354. DOI: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000001581. PMID: 36194805; PMCID: PMC9531987.

  • Rachel S. Wightman, Earth Erowid, Fire Erowid, Sylvia Thyssen, Mary Wheeler, Benjamin Pulminskas, Rebecca Olson & Traci C. Green (2021). Confirmed reports of bupropion sold as crack cocaine in the illicit drug supply, Clinical Toxicology, DOI: 10.1080/15563650.2021.1898632

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