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Learn About the StreetCheck App 

The StreetCheck app is a central place to manage drug samples and their test results. It also helps with general user, group, and application administration for community programs offering drug checking services. StreetCheck accounts are free for programs currently offering drug checking services. The app can integrate your real-time drug checking data with results from any lab.


Portal Landing  Page Screenshot

The Portal landing page is designed as a central hub. It gives access to all authorized user functions through the primary menu and user menu. It also offers instant insights into data sets, helping users quickly understand the state of the illicit drug supply. Data visualizations are updated by our team bi-weekly.

Manage Samples

StreetCheck streamlines sample collection through a free, web-based platform and app service, speeds up analysis of the samples, and makes it easier to communicate results back to participants.

Log samples and enter initial results

(FTIR and immunoassay test strips)


Collect samples in various forms:

- Powders

- Pills / capsules

- Containers

- Pipes

- Bags /wax folds

- Cookers

- Cottons

Secondary and confirmatory results from external lab partners are automatically pushed into StreetCheck when available without any additional data entry required by the program. 

Manage Roles

Roles provide a flexible and convenient way to manage which screens and functions users have access to. 

Roles are named groups of related rights that, taken together, typically define a type of user or type primary user function. For example, in StreetCheck, there are users who are tasked with the job of "collecting" drug samples. These users are all members of the "Collector" role which provides all the rights necessary for the user to access the StreetCheck Collector Mobile App and register new drug samples into the system.  Without being a member of this "Collector" role, a typical user would NOT be able to access the StreetCheck Collector Mobile App and would thus not be able to register new samples into the system.

Basic Roles

The following lists the roles that are present in StreetCheck by default together with their intended function:

  • Collector: The "Collector" role is intended to provide all rights needed by a user tasked with collecting drug samples and registering them in StreetCheck for further evaluation. This includes being able to create new drug samples, editing existing drug samples and adding drug initial results like those from fentanyl test strips or FTIR device output.

  • Curator: The "Curator" role is intended to provide all the rights needed by a user tasked with curating drug samples within the StreetCheck system using the StreetCheck Portal application. The StreetCheck Portal provides a powerful set of editing functions that allow the Curator to edit all aspects of the drug sample including all primary details, result details, setting the drug sample status, upload supporting materials and snapshots, make content module assignments and join in a discussion thread associated to the drug sample.

  • Manager: The "Manager" role is intended to provide all the rights needed by a user tasked with managing various aspects of a given StreetCheck tenant (more on Tenants below) including performing user and role management functions, authoring content modules, managing dictionaries and code lists and accessing label printing functions.


While the list above defines the primary roles that are pre-populated into every StreetCheck tenant by default, it is important to note that this list is not necessarily exhaustive as roles can be added and modified at will by the Manager and other administrative users as the need arises for more and different roles.

What is a Tenant?

A Tenant is the primary means by which StreetCheck segregates drug sample collecting and curation activity within the system. Understanding that most drug collecting and curation activities will be strongly associated to either individual locations (like states or regional districts) or other forms of primary groupings, StreetCheck allows for custom primary groups to be configured ensuring that only users associated to these primary groups have the right to add and edit drug samples within a given group as well as perform many tenant-specific administrative functions.

For example, for the New England region we currently have the following primary groups:

  • Massachusetts: The tenant reachable by the the URL and containing all the Massachusetts drug samples and hosting all Massachusetts related Collecting and and Curation users activities.

  • Rhode Island: The tenant reachable by the the URL and containing all the Rhode Island drug samples and hosting all Rhode Island related Collecting and and Curation users activities.

  • Connecticut: The tenant reachable by the the URL and containing all the Connecticut drug samples and hosting all Connecticut related Collecting and and Curation users activities.

  • Maine: The tenant reachable by the the URL and containing all the Maine drug samples and hosting all Maine related Collecting and and Curation users activities.

  • Vermont: The tenant reachable by the the URL and containing all the Vermont drug samples and hosting all Vermont related Collecting and and Curation users activities.

It is important to note that while we have split New England into separate tenants based simply on state, that is just a convention and we could also configure other tenants that are designated for other types of primary groupings. The primary point to understand is that once a tenant is configured, then individual users may self-register or be invited to register within the tenant. Once, registered, the user is assigned one more more roles which then defines the type of actions that they are allowed to perform within the tenant (e.g. Collector, Curator, etc.).


While roles are the preferred method to regulate access to typical users, there are also special "administrative" designation for the primary administrator users of a given tenant. This designation supersedes the role-based scheme allowing these higher-level, specially designated users the right to perform most actions in the system. 

Manage Alerts & Harm Reduction Messaging

The StreetCheck Portal provides Content Modules for attaching messaging to cataloged samples. Text can be edited as needed by the program. Types of messages available: Informational, Alerts, Tags, Clinical Notes, Harm Reduction Messages.

Example Harm Reduction Message







Example Alert 

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