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New to Drug Checking & Beginner Resources
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The resources listed below can be helpful for organizations and individuals that are new to drug checking or thinking about starting to offer community-based drug checking services at their program.

StreetCheck App

StreetCheck is an innovative community-partnered project at Brandeis University’s Opioid Policy Research Collaborative (OPRC) to develop and standardize sample collection and reporting for community drug checking programs.  The vision of StreetCheck streamlines community illicit drug sample collection through the use of a mobile based application, speeds analysis of the samples, and makes it easier to communicate results back. Download the app, watch a demo, or get more information. 

StreetCheck is available at no cost and can integrate results from any lab performing off-site testing.  If you are doing research about drug checking, StreetCheck has additional data collection options to protect privacy and confidentiality, and approved protocols useful for researchers. Contact us to learn more.       

This video from Drug Policy Alliance provides a snapshot of national and regional drug supply trends from drug checking laboratory data and discusses how harm reduction programs are using this information to help keep communities safe.

This is a resource for folks unfamiliar with drug checking and discusses the how and why we provide drug checking services and ways to talk about it with you program participants.   

Helpful Tools for Talking with Program Participants & Learning About the Drug Supply​​

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